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The Ripple of Love

The majority of the people in this world are very unhappy. A little more love coming into people's lives can change the world. People can be happier in themselves, they can be happier with their situation in life and everyone they meet can share in this happiness. So how do we share our love with the world and raise the spirits of all on the planet. What I suggest is that we need a chain reaction that starts from one small source but which keeps propagating and multiplying into further chains until it has reached every person now alive.

We need to show love to our fellow beings, but rather than to expect the love to be returned, part of this love should be passed on to bring further people into the chain. This is quite a regular occurrence within families throughout the natural world. Animals have young and devote a large amount of their lives into feeding, sheltering, protecting and rearing them. Both generations show love for each other, but the devotion given in raising the family is not returned. Instead this is passed on to the third generation as they are fed and cared for by the second generation. It is in this spirit that I am suggesting we pass love amongst ourselves, eventually including every living person. The same love may be passed on to any number of other people, each creating an additional chain of love. As this love spreads out there will be a small ripple of love, passing over the surface of the globe. When this returns to its source it will be amplified due to a form of resonant feedback and the love will have the opportunity to grow without end as it goes round the earth for a second and third time.

This love can be transmitted to the world on many levels. On a physical level we can help those in need; go to the shops for the person who finds it difficult to walk, feed someone who is hungry, offer a smile or a kind word to someone who is troubled. The act of giving is in itself a blessing which will boost you emotionally and this too will be received by others raising their own emotional energies and encouraging them to join in.

My aim is to send a ripple of love around the world. I want to touch every inhabitant of the earth with love. I want every person to know that they are loved. I want every person to know love. I want every person to feel good because they have shown love to their fellow beings.

When friends love each other they help each other through life in many different ways They usually repay that love by helping each other again and again. The love passes backwards and forwards between them in a wonderful and very beautiful way.

What I am proposing is that we should pass the love that we are shown onwards to a third person, or maybe more than one person. If that person then wishes to repay us they should do this by showing love to yet a further person and in this way a chain will be formed, rather like a chain letter. There is nothing to stop you returning the love from whence it came as well. I want these chains of love to travel round the globe as a ripple of love, passing through the total awareness of the planet.

Everyone has some love that they can give, even if this is just a smile and a kind word to someone who is troubled. Help two people instead of one and the love is doubled, the chain becomes two chains.

So how about it? The next time you receive an act of kindness, a helping hand or moral support, repay the love shown to you by supporting a further person in some way and suggest that they pass the love on to someone new when they feel they want to. Love continually passed on in this way can benefit the whole planet. Why not multiply the love and help two people for each act of kindness that you receive. In this way we can send a ripple of love around the planet and who knows, it may be a tidal wave of love after it has been around a couple of times.

Richard Jones. December 1997

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