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Choosing your Reiki Master/Teacher

Choosing your Reiki master/teacher is probably the most important decision that you will need to make once you have decided that the time is right for you to learn Reiki. People are drawn to Reiki when the time is right for them. There are many Reiki master/teachers available and the choice of whom to learn with can be difficult. In this article I am exploring some of the things that you may wish to consider.

It is wise to find a teacher who is also an active healer. This will be someone who is regularly experiencing the same situations that you will experience once you start to channel the energy and who can help you where necessary with first hand knowledge. Find a teacher who can teach from their own experience and not just from what they have read in books or have been told by someone else.

Ask to see your teacher’s certificates and enquire about their lineage. It is not important exactly what their lineage is, but that they have a lineage and can trace this back to Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing. This is important as there are self proclaimed ‘Reiki Masters’ who have not themselves been attuned to Reiki and do not carry the Reiki energies, yet they profess to be able to teach Reiki. Reiki cannot be learned from books. It requires a carefully performed attunement to the energies which can only be performed by a Reiki master/teacher who is themselves fully attuned.

Reiki is taught at three basic levels. Level I is primarily concerned with healing yourself and includes an introduction to healing other people, plants and animals. Level II will bring you up to practitioner level and includes healing of mental and emotional issues as well as absent healing (distant healing). Level III (master/teacher) is intended for those who wish to teach Reiki although some people take this for their own development. These three levels are all separate and each has it’s own energies. The levels should not be combined in a single workshop as each workshop is just the start of a path. The student learns the lesson by using the energies and building up their own experience at each level over a period of time. Some schools offer to teach all three levels in one weekend. This can be likened to taking a trip around the world but never getting off the plane. You will have reached your destination but you will not have seen the world. You will not be able to teach others about your experiences and I strongly recommend that you avoid this type of class. You would miss the most important part of the Reiki training, an appreciation of nature of the three different levels of energy. The journey is where you learn, not the destination.

Above all it is vital that you feel comfortable with your Reiki master/teacher. Meet them and have a chat. Ask what they teach at each level. Do they offer backup and support when needed? How long have they been attuned to Reiki and for how long have they been teaching? Listen to the answers as well as how your questions are answered. Would you feel confident learning with this person?

Finally, enjoy the journey.

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