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Reiki as a Spiritual Discipline

"Reiki is, and always has been, primarily a spiritual discipline, it should never be mistaken for a therapy".

These words from my Reiki master/teacher, Jagran, took a quite while to sink in. It was only a couple of years after they were first spoken that I feel I really understand what they mean. Most people have been led to view Reiki as a means of relaxation, a source of relief from suffering or way of bringing one’s self back to full health. Yes, Reiki can do all this but the real wonder of Reiki is in what it is doing for you in the background. When you have a couple of years active relationship with Reiki it is well worthwhile to spend a little time looking back to where you have come from. It is only then that you can start to appreciate the journey that you started at your level I attunement. When using Reiki there is no goal as such, the journey is the goal. Reiki is a very gentle energy. So gentle in fact that you can often become unaware that changes are taking place. It is rather like a stream, flowing, yielding to the course that it must flow and taking the shape of any vessel that it is placed in. At the same time water can cut through mountains to form magnificent gorges and canyons. In the end the gentle overcomes all obstacles including the apparently strong.

Reiki is a spiritual journey, not a religion. By this I am meaning that the driving force comes from within you. In a religion you are following someone else’s rules, with a spiritual discipline you are following the teachings of your own heart. When a great teacher such as Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha dies their followers are left without their leader. They need a reference to answer all the issues that their Master was able to deal with whilst he/she was alive. The teachings that have already been received are collected together and become part of the legacy of that Master. It is then left up to the followers that remain to try and discover the answers to their questions by searching through the teachings that they already hold and to interpret these as best they can. They are no longer able to get the answer straight from their Master. A religion is therefore man’s interpretation of a legacy of spiritual teachings. With a spiritual discipline you are able to open yourself to the divine source and to know yourself what the answers should be. Frequent use of Reiki enables you to be continually strengthening this connection to Source and to directly receive it’s guidance. As you incorporate Reiki into a greater number of your activities you will find that you are receiving increased amounts of guidance, often very indirectly, in order to achieve your aims. You start to know in your heart what is the best action to take when faced with any problem. Using Reiki moves you along the life’s path which you planned out for yourself before you started this life. It aligns you with your true purpose.

A further piece of advice that I was given by Jagran is "Reiki will never get you into any situation which you cannot handle". This has proved to be one of the truest pieces of advice that I have ever received. Frequently I find myself in difficult situations that I have never had to tackle before. When I am aware of being in this situation I ask myself how the situation arose. Invariably, if the situation relates to my Reiki activities, I find that I am learning from this and the experience proves to be useful to me for the future. Use of the Reiki energy will teach you far more than any teacher or book. It will teach you far more than you will learn from exchanging your experiences with other Reiki colleagues. The techniques that you develop yourself will be far more valuable and useful to you than anyone else’s techniques. Reiki is probably the biggest adventure than any of us undertake in our lives, or it can be, if you keep on using the Reiki energies. Be prepared to apply Reiki in all that you do, from waking up in the morning until waking up the following morning. Given a chance, Reiki will become as much a part of your life as breathing. You can apply it to so many situations in your daily life that Reiki can become the central pillar around which your life unfolds before you, caring for you and protecting you in all that you do.

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