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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a path of healing in the fullest sense. It is only too easy to think of healing physical and emotional issues both for yourself and also in others. You can also think of yourself as an imperfect soul who has so much to learn in order to find your way back to the Source. You need to experience life in many forms and to learn from this experience. You need to apply what you have learned to progress on your path of ascension and spiritual growth. The Reiki system is perfect for this overall healing of your total self. You start by learning to heal yourself on a physical level at Reiki I. Once you have assimilated this Reiki level II teaches you to extend this healing to others and you learn to heal on an emotional and mental level. Reiki III continues this journey and brings you to heal at a soul level both for yourself and for others. As you progress through the levels you are able to apply everything that you learn to healing yourself. You are healing yourself by healing others. Reiki will also change the way that you interact with people. It will refine your attitudes to the natural world around you. As you progress further it becomes increasingly more obvious that Reiki is a path of personal growth. We are all at different stages of spiritual evolution. Wherever we are on our path we have the constant support of the Reiki energy which is always there to guide us in all that we do.

Reiki Healing is a way of putting things back the way that they should be. This applies whether you are healing yourself, healing other people or situations, or empowering your students during an attunement. Every time that you use Reiki you are healing both yourself and those around you. Any use of Reiki will involve part of that energy working personally, helping you along your chosen path.

The fact that we are attuned to the Reiki energy has no implications on the spiritual level that we have reached. A Reiki teacher’s students can be very much more advanced on a spiritual path than their teacher. Our spiritual path is a personal one, it is different to everyone else’s path. We are walking this path for ourselves and, although we will receive help and guidance on the way, the responsibility of reaching our goal comes back to ourselves. Once you have encountered Reiki, it will become an intimate part of that journey if you will let it. It is for this reason that I see Reiki as a personal path through this life and also for future lives. Reiki is, I believe, a different experience for everyone in just the same way that everyone’s life is different. The two are very closely linked. The Reiki workshops that we attend and/or teach are just a starting point on the next step of our journey. The journey always continues so we can never really say that we have finished our Reiki level I, II or III course. The three seem to keep teaching you more and more, just by using the various energies that you have been attuned to. All you need to do is to keep on using the energies at the different levels.

Reiki Workshops give you the basic tools that you need for that level. These include the attunement, a way of connecting to the new energies that have become available to you and examples of how you can use the energy. There are no limits set upon what you are able to do with that energy. I have had level I students who have worked out for themselves how to send distant healing to each other without the use of symbols or kotodama and without the benefits of a level II attunement. All that is needed is to work intuitively and for the highest good of whatever you choose to focus the energies on. The only boundaries are those that you set yourself. Do not just stick to things that you are told or that you read in books. If you have a problem then, apply Reiki to that problem, stand back and watch the results.

You really can use Reiki in any situation. As an example, a couple of years ago I was working for a computer software house which produces CD’s of it’s own products for sale. The CD’s are produced in-house and can sometimes be difficult to read on customers older computers. Following a year of around 10% rejection rates by our customers something had to be done. I noted which customers had been experiencing trouble and the following year each CD sent to those specific customers was given a few seconds of Reiki with the intent that the CD worked in harmony with the customers hardware, prior to despatch. The result was a rejection rate of below 1%. Don’t ask me to explain how this came about, it just worked. Reiki channelled with the correct intent knows no limits.

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