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My Calling to Reiki

I used to feel that I came to Reiki for the wrong reasons. I am very much aware, now, that I did not choose to learn Reiki, but rather, Reiki chose me. Reiki calls students to itself when the time is right for them. As most Reiki master/teachers will already know, you make contact with prospective students and then you may hear nothing from them for several years. Eventually they come and take up a place on one of the courses, but not until they are ready. You cannot sell Reiki tuition as you do other commodities and services.

I am from a scientific background with many years experience as a metallurgist in the steel industry and also as a programmer/technical support in the IT industry. I was always looking for proof of anything of a metaphysical nature that I could get close to. I took no-one else’s word for anything. I needed to see with my own eyes. I had a very keen interest in reading about anything metaphysical, be it concerning psychic abilities, astral projection, telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, seeing auras and the like. I had tried many of the techniques that I had read about with no success (I am only now starting to understand why). Eventually I started to feel that I ought to be getting some help from someone who successfully engages in these practices. I decided to look into healing, mainly because the effects are readily evident when this is successful, so it would be able to offer me some form of scientific proof. It is also a very useful art to practice and can benefit both the healer and her/his client. I therefore started to look around at what form of tuition was available to learn healing. I was drawn to Reiki as the information available was always so positive. There was no suggestion that Reiki healing would only work on a good day.

To appreciate the final and most surprising (for me) reason to choose Reiki as my vehicle for exploring the metaphysical arts, I will need to give a bit of my personal history. Around 20 years ago I decided that (after many years of trying) I really did want to give up smoking. At the time I felt that I could not face the possibility of never smoking again, but I could easily go for a couple of days. I set myself the target of lasting one day without tobacco. The following morning, as I awoke I again set myself the target of going a further day without tobacco (just for today I will not smoke). This started to work for me and I have been free from tobacco ever since. I had broken an apparently insurmountable problem into small pieces that I could handle. The next significant event in this saga was around eight years ago when I became aware that I would be in serious problems if I did not stop drinking alcohol. I thought back to when I quit smoking and decided that the best chance I had was to decide that just for today I would not touch alcohol. (You can probably, by now, see where this is going). Back to my early research into healing, I had procured a copy of William Lee Rand's excellent handbook ‘Reiki, the Healing Touch’. In the first few pages I encountered the Reiki principles, (just for today I will not anger, just for today I will not worry, ….). I was very surprised to think that someone else had pinched my ideas. Then it hit me straight between the eyes. These weren’t my principles. They just happened to be very compatible with my way of dealing with the world. This system of healing must be the one for me. This is what I need to study and practice. The Reiki energy had called me and I had started to notice the synchronicity.

I booked into a local Reiki school (The White Space Reiki Centre in Sheffield) and took the Usui level I course. At the time this was taught as a strictly Hyashi/Takata course which I quickly followed up a few months later with Usui Reiki level II and eighteen months later with Reiki level III at master/teacher level. Six months later I started what I consider to be my apprenticeship where I learned to teach Reiki alongside my own Reiki master, sharing the teaching of different parts of the workshops. A further eighteen months and I was ready to start teaching on my own with my own school, ‘The Colours of the Dawn’.

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