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Reiki as your Teacher

It has always appeared to me to be a little curious how Reiki is constantly adapting to any given situation. It is so obviously an ‘intelligent energy’. I am not the only Reiki practitioner to have noticed that when you become unwell your clients will ring up to cancel their appointments for that day, almost as if they already knew that you would not be available. (Yes, even Reiki master/teachers do not have perfect health. If we did then we would miss the opportunity to learn so much.) This happens so consistently, to so many practitioners, that it cannot be written off as co-incidence. This illustrates that things are adapting to your personal needs. The energy is guiding and supporting you on a personal level.

We seem to attract specific types of clients at any given time. This type can change as time progresses. I am sure that this is not just word of mouth such as ‘Bob Smith helped me with my depression and his wife sorted my arthritis’, where the recipients of these comments think, ‘Perhaps I’d be better seeing Bob’s wife for my complaints rather then Bob himself’. The bulk of my current clients appear to be suffering from depression and related problems. I know that they have come to me totally independently and there is no publicity currently available regarding my current clients problems. I can only conclude that it is appropriate for me to be learning how to help this group of people at this time and that on some level, Reiki is calling them to me. When I first started offering my services I found that I consistently attracted people suffering from arthritis. This phase later gave way to make way for clients suffering from different types of complaints. I am sure that I am being put through a series of training sessions in healing these clients which will change as my experience grows. I am growing by helping others which is a rather ideal situation.

A study of Reiki will probably lead you to attend many workshops concerning both Reiki and associated practices. The Reiki workshops that you attend should be considered only the start of a new section of your path. The real value of these workshops is in the work that you do in applying what you have learned. You should be careful not to limit yourselves just to repeating the examples that you have been given in the use of the energies. This is where you get the chance to grow and where you really start to learn about Reiki. The energy itself is the best teacher you will ever meet as long as you are prepared to open up to it. This can often occur when you are in a healing situation and you have managed to get your mind out of the way. You become the classic ‘hollow bamboo’ through which the energy flows and you take on the role of an observer.

An example of how learning from spontaneous experience can come about may be useful at this point. I can recall one instance where I was combining Gyoshi Ho (a Japanese Reiki technique of healing with the eyes) with Reiji Ho (letting the energy guide me to where the energy was most needed). With the intent of being shown where it would be most effective to place my hands, I was looking at my client’s whole body with an un-focussed gaze and noticed that she was getting progressively younger looking. This continued until she had the face of a very young girl. Suddenly the face changed again to that of a elderly woman with very little resemblance to my client. The face continued to get younger again and once more changed from a young girl to an older woman. At this point it stopped and I knew that I needed to fix this point in my mind and put my hands upon this ‘elderly lady’. I discovered later that day that my client was carrying problems from past lives and that the places where my hands had been guided to related directly to some of those problems. I had intended to send Reiki energy to wherever it would do the most good for my client. In this case it had been needed most in a past life and so this is where the energies had been directed. I have since then investigated this technique further and use it wherever problems appear to be stemming from a client’s past lives (as confirmed by dowsing). I teach it to my master/teacher students as an example of how you can work with the Reiki energy.

My students at all levels are strongly encouraged to find their own ways to apply the energies at their disposal. During the teaching workshops we work through many fairly standard applications, clearing rooms and the like but these are all stressed as being just examples. The intent in this is that my students will eventually, through their own experience and use of Reiki energy, be able to apply Reiki directly to any problems that they may encounter without hesitation. Knowing that the energy is always there for them their intent will automatically introduce Reiki into all aspects of their lives, to help and guide all their actions.

As we are all different people with different needs and at different stages of spiritual evolution, Reiki will apply itself differently for all of us. We have the common link in that we all experience the same energy but differ in where we need to apply it. It is in this sense that I consider Reiki to be a personal path. We are taught the same things in the workshop but the energy applies itself to our own needs and our own particular state.

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