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Learning as you Walk the Reiki Path

Using Reiki changes us all. Looking back to where I have come from I can see incredible changes in myself. During this time I have lost my fear of everything that I can think of. I have become very confident in speaking my mind. I have developed a conviction in expressing my own beliefs together with a respect for the beliefs of others.

The Reiki journey appears to be tailored, not only to yourself, but also to your experience. There are always challenges. At first they will tend to be very gentle with you although still stretching what you think are your limits. I was initially taught to use Reiki healing on a person lying down. When I unexpectedly encountered a client who was not able to lie and had to be treated sitting up I had to quickly re-think my usual procedure. Once, when I went to have an initial chat with a client in my early practitioner days, I was very surprised to find around eight people expecting a talk from me. I needn’t have worried about these occurrences although I’m sure I did at the time. Once I had started the sitting up treatment, the hand positions that I needed to adopt were obvious. I gave the unplanned talk to the group completely unprepared and off the top of my head with which I was very pleased, signing up two clients from the talk instead of just the one that I had been hoping for. This was starting to convince me that, as Jagran had told me when I first met with Reiki, "Reiki will never get you into a situation that you cannot handle". Since that time the challenges have become more complex and have required more from me, but never more than had to give. It appears to me that my Reiki path is unfolding for me exactly at the right times to keep me learning and progressing on my chosen life’s journey.

Since becoming a Reiki master/teacher I have investigated many areas of applications for use of the energy. You can always ask the energy for guidance in non-healing as well as healing situations. You can ask for help in such things as driving safely, planning a holiday or writing a letter. Just meditating lightly for a few minutes whilst giving yourself a short blast of self healing can enhance any planned activity and allow the Reiki energy to bring in it’s influence for you highest good. In this way Reiki becomes progressively more and more an integral part of your life and allows you to follow your path with very little effort.

The important thing at this stage is the learning. The journey is the objective. There is no substitute for finding things out for yourself. Once you have experienced a successful use of one of your own techniques then you know that you are being truly guided by the energy. This will give you increasing amounts of confidence in your own actions as you successfully find yourself applying the basic principles of Reiki in your own ways. The techniques that you are taught in the workshops are excellent exercises for building a familiarity with the energies of each level. They should not be restrictive or limiting in any way. They should be considered just as examples of how the energies can be applied. The energy is yours. Use it in the way that your heart leads you .

Going back, for a moment, to the journey itself being the objective. Reiki is usually taught in three basic stages which are sometimes broken down into a greater number of stages. These I usually designate as:

  • The healer (Reiki level I) in which you are attuned to the energy and given basic instruction on how to use the energy to heal yourself, friends, family, plants, animals and crystals.

  • The practitioner (Reiki level II) when you are attuned to the level II energies. You are instructed how to use these for healing on an emotional/mental level, to connect to people and situations which are not present and to instigate enhanced healing on a physical level. Initially, connection to the level II energies is accomplished by use of symbols, kotodama or meditation techniques. After extensive experience at this level the symbols etc. will become unnecessary as the practitioner is able to connect to the energies directly.

  • The master/teacher (Reiki level III) when you are attuned to the level III energies and are instructed how to use these for empowerment of yourself and of other people in order to confer upon them the ability to connect to the Reiki energies by attunement. This also allows you to work at a much deeper level with the energies and can open you to many new paths for your personal development

These three stages are all very different and will introduce you to different energies at each level.

Particularly important, to my mind, is the time between taking level I and level II. This is a period when the student will be using the energy directly with no need to use symbols or other training aids. Once the symbols have been taught at level II, the student will be using these constantly whilst channelling Reiki. The aim of the initial work at level II is to gain sufficient experience in use of the energy to be able to connect directly with Reiki and, eventually, to dispense with the symbols in the same way that you discard your training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle. If the student has not had sufficient time to work extensively without the symbols at level I, before they take level II, they are likely to find it quite difficult to take this step in freeing themselves from the symbols or whatever other training aids they have been taught. I am thinking, in this context, particularly about the relatively modern trend to teach level I and level II in the same workshop over a weekend (sometimes claiming to teach both within a single day). This practice is robbing students of the invaluable experience of working at level I without the use of the symbols. They are missing out on a significant section of the journey and hence of the objective. I will repeat once again, the journey is the objective.

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