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Trusting in the Reiki Energy

Once attuned to Reiki you have a connection to a very powerful guiding force. Like water it is both strong and at the same time very gentle. The Reiki energy will guide and support you in all of your activities if you wish it to. You will never be dropped into a situation which you cannot handle and from which you cannot learn. It can be difficult at times to do things which do not seem to be logical but which at the same time you inherently know, in some undefined way, are the right thing to do. I can recall many instances where I have initially felt, "I can’t do that" and then, after proceeding with the action anyway, have surprised myself at the successful outcome. It is at times like this that it is important to remember that we are only the channel for the Reiki energy. We should become as the hollow bamboo through which the energy flows. The success in the application of the Reiki energy is not ours to take on. We are just an observer to the process.

Whilst observing, in the healing situation, I have noted some very unexpected things going on. One notable occurrence has repeated itself many times since I first noticed it. With one client who had a lot of negativity which they had to shed I was at first surprised to note that there was a large flow of energy down my right arm and hand and virtually nothing down my left. I continued to watch and was again surprised to detect that there was an energy flow starting in my left hand but it was flowing up my arm instead of down towards the client. The flows became stronger and I was detecting a flow of very refreshing energy flowing up my right leg and side to my shoulder and then down my arm to my client. At the same time the flow of energy from my client up my left arm was feeling very un-harmonious, noisy and heavy. It continued up my arm to my shoulder and then down the left side of my body and my left leg and disappeared into the ground. This sensation continued for some time until the energy flowing out from my client up my left arm became progressively clearer until it finally stopped. I feel that this was rather like the workings of a dialysis machine where I became the connecting pipes, channelling the contaminated energy down my left side and into the Earth where it was cleaned and replaced by fresh, clear energy coming up my right side and back to replace that which my client was shedding. I have always considered the Earth to be a wonderful system for cleaning up the mess we humans make and I honour her for this. We bury our rubbish in the ground. The Earth rots it down into compost which we can then usefully apply for good purposes. In the case described above I believe the Earth was cleaning my clients energy, absorbing the unwanted energies and replacing these with clean, vibrant energies. Since this time I have noted the energies flowing in this manner many times. I do not actively instigate this. I just observe and note what happens.

As a voluntary instrument of the energy we need to develop a complete trust in the ways that we are drawn to apply Reiki. The more that you can trust the energy and the path along which it is leading you, then the more that you will learn and the more that you will be able to progress along that path. This is not something that you can develop in an instant but something which grows with you. Be open to the idea that your whole relationship with Reiki is as an apprentice. You are working under the guidance of a very powerful teacher who will tailor your experiences to help you grow in the best way and at the best time to work for your highest good and for the highest good of those that you encounter on your journey. Always be prepared to listen to what your heart is telling you. This is one of the ways that Reiki will work with you and through you. If you know within your heart that your actions are correct then they will be correct. With Reiki guiding the course of your life you will always have companionship on the path. Reiki is a personal path of spiritual development and you do not walk it alone. You will have your connection to the energy, always.

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