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Here are some web sites of organisations that I have found to be very useful and also some books that I would un-reservedly recommend to everyone

The International House of Reiki

The web site of Frans & Bronwen Stiene who operate throughout the world offering classes which present Reiki as a spiritual discipline and which include much of Usui's original teachings. Their classes are a truly enlightening experience and I would recommend them to everyone. They also offer excellent on-line courses for exisiting Reiki students which are detailed on the next page.


Reiki Dharma
The web site of Frank Arjava Petter who has done so much work in discovering the true roots of Reiki and teaching this throughout the world

The International Center for Reiki Training
The web site of William Lee Rand whose work has brought Reiki to thousands of people throughout the world in a wonderful, no nonsense and down to earth way.  William is the founder of Karuna Reiki® and my own Karuna Reiki master/teacher.

UK Reiki Federation
The web site of an organisation whose work is to promote good Reiki practices in the UK and to ensure that good basic standards of treatment are available for the public.

Reiki Evolution
The web site of Taggart King whose Original Usui Reiki course was the inspiration and source of much of my own Japanese Reiki Course. Taggart is very devoted to finding out, as closely as possible, the ways in which Reiki was originally taught. He teaches Reiki in a very simple and yet powerful way which is really beautiful


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Reiki Fire - Frank Arjava Petter

This is Arjava's first book.  It starts off the real story of how Reiki was originally practiced which is continued through the next three books as more information came to light.  The book is also a complete manual in itself and is our recommended reading for level I students.
The Legacy of Dr Usui - Frank Arjava Petter

A deeper look into the history of Reiki together with much additional material that has come to light since the West and the East made contact again.
The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui - Frank Arjava Petter

A reproduction in modern format of the original handbook which Dr Usui, supposedly, had his students copy out.  This includes a large number of photographs which illustrate many healing techniques and hand positions. Recent research has indicated that this is more likely to be Chujiro Hayashi's manual rather than Usui's
The Spirit of Reiki - Walter Lubeck, Frank Arjava Petter & William Lee Rand

This is probably the most comprehensive book on Reiki ever written.  It is produced by three of the world's most experienced Reiki master/teachers and it is wonderful in the way that three very different standpoints have come together and complimented each other in this volume.  The book incorporates a lengthy section on Japanese Reiki techniques and for most people it is probably the most useful book on Reiki that you could ever buy.
The Book on Karuna Reiki - Laurelle Shanti Gaia

This is currently the only book in print on Karuna Reiki® and is written by a Karuna Reiki® master/teacher with extensive experience in and love of her subject. 
Dancing with the Devil - David Ashworth

Survival for Healers and Therapists.  Everyone should read this book.  I found it a very humbling experience to read and it showed me just how little I knew.  It will open the eyes of most readers quite considerably and deals with amongst other areas, how things can go wrong when Reiki is used without due care and attention.
Vibrational Medicine - Dr Richard Gerber

This book is quite heavy going and deals with plausible models which can offer possible explanations for how healing can come about.   Whether you agree with the author or not, the book is very thought provoking and is full of much scientific reasoning in the field.
Rainbow Reiki - Walter Lubeck

An excellent book for people who want to see how Reiki can be applied to many diverse activities including working with subtle beings, making of Reiki essences, connecting with power spots and developing Reiki mandalas.

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