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Teaching Methods

At The Colours of the Dawn we teach Usui Reiki using the methods originally taught by Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata which we refer to as the Western system as well as the original Japanese system as taught by Mikao Usui.

Reiki was originally developed in Japan under quite a different way of life which would be difficult to incorporate into modern Western society. Japanese techniques are incorporated into our courses for Usui Reiki at all levels. Both the Japanese and the Western systems use exactly the same energy and both are know as the Usui system. It is only the methods of applying the energies which are different and both systems have their respective strengths. Both systems can be used together during healing.

Reiki is not taught like other subjects. It is not possible to learn Reiki from a book. In learning Reiki the student is attuned to the energy. The attunement process connects the student to higher levels of consciousness and to an unlimited source of healing energy. It opens the crown, heart and palm chakras for their use in channelling the Reiki energy. This process can only be performed by a qualified Reiki master/teacher. In Reiki the name master does not imply anything more than the ability to channel and teach Reiki and to pass attunements, however, a good master/teacher should be much more than just this.

At each level, the attunement and the Reiki workshop are just the first steps on your new path. You will find that you progress along the path by using the energy, both on yourself and on other people, animals, plants and other things in the world around you. You will find, after using the energy for a while, that Reiki itself is the teacher. Using Reiki will teach you far more than you will learn form any class, book or Reiki master.

In attuning students to the Reiki energy in our workshops at Usui levels I, II & III we use the Reiju empowerment method as used by Mikao Usui. If a traditional Western attunement is preferred then this can easily be arranged. At master/teacher level we teach the Reiju method of attunement as well as a variety of Western attunement methods.

At the Colours of the Dawn we blend both the Western and the Japanese systems into a single combined system giving full references as to the sources of the information that we are teaching. This is important as it allows our students to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the original (pre Gakkai) Reiki system whilst taking advantage of the many useful ways in which this system has developed.

Wherever possible we teach from experience and do not just rely on the written material available. All techniques taught have been tested and used professionally in healing practice.

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